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高三英语教案 Unit 10 American literature (综合教案)-人教版高三英语教案          【字体:

高三英语教案 Unit 10 American literature (综合教案)-人教版高三英语教案

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Period 1

一.Previewing work
(1) Spelling
轶闻 简化 碎布 哭 小册子
结果 苍白的 破旧的 稀有的 杂货店
approve (n) pray (n.) simple (v.)
react (n.) come out (n.) cut one’s hair (n.)

二.Teaching procedures

1.furnish vt .to equip with what is needed
The room was the simplest necessities ,a bed ,a chair and a table.
The room was completely .
2. simplify vt. to make simple or simpler 使简化,是易做,简化
The English in this story has been to make it easier to understand.
Can you the language a little?你能把这语言简化一点吗?
3. shabby adj. showing signs of wear and tear;threadbare or wornout
a shabby old hat破旧的帽子/ a shabby old man一位衣衫褴褛的老人
多卑劣的恶作剧! 把车开走了让我走路回家。
What a trick,driving me off and leaving me to walk home!
4. attend to (1).to take care;give attention
we will that problem later.稍后我们将关注那个问题。
I have an urgent matter to .我有一个紧急的事要处理。
(2). to take care of
You’d better that thin dark girl;I think she is going to faint.
Are you being ?是否有人接待你?
5. rare adj. 1. infrequently occurring ; uncommon
This plant is in this region .这种植物在本地区是很少见的。
That bird is very in the country.这种鸟在这国家很稀有。
2. cooked a short time to retain juice and redness
We had three courses ;soup ,a steak and vegetables and fruit.
6. cascade n . a waterfall something thought to resemble a waterfall or series of small waterfalls
Her long hair fell over her shoulders in a of curls.
Climbing plants with their bright flowers hung over plants on the garden wall. fall or cause to fall in or as if in a cascade
When it rained ,water would the window.
7. do up (1).to fasten your coat and hurry. 把衣服扣好,快!
This dress at the back.这衣服在背后扣扣子。
(2). to repair ;improve Let’s the room first.让我们先把房子整理一下。
(3).to wrap and tie He was a parcel.他正在捆包。
8. worn adj. (1). affected or damaged by wear or use
He decided to throw the shoes away and buy a new pair .
These shoes are looking rather .这双鞋不成样子了。
(2).showing the wearing effects of overwork ,care ,worry or suffering
She came back .她回来时既疲惫又忧虑。
I was shocked to see the look of his handsome young face.
9. fix vt .(1).to direct steadily she the road ahead.她盯着前面的路。
(2).to place securely; make stable or firm
Campers the tent poles in the ground .露营者把帐篷的柱子固定在地上。
(3). to capture or hold The man with the long bear .
(4).to agree on; arrange Later,we a time to meet next time.
10.approve v. (1)to consider right or good;think or speak favorably of
My parents don’t of me smoking cigarettes.
I don’t of wasting time arguing with you any more.
(2).to consent or confirm
The resolution was 这个决议通过了。

Post-teaching work:

结果 苍白的 破旧的 稀有的 杂货店

approve (n) pray (n.) simple (v.)

三.Fill in the blanks with proper words .
1. So now Della’s long ,beautiful hair fell about her shoulders like a of brown waters.
2. Della hesitated for a minute and stood still while a tear or two fell on the red carpet.
3. My parents don’t of me smoking cigarettes.
4. The English in this story has been to make it easier to understand.
5. That bird is very in the country.

Period 2 A Sacrifice for Love

Teaching aims:
1. try to get a good understanding of the text
2. improve the ability to read fast and pursue the designated information in the passage
3. try to retell the classical story out in their own words
Teaching procedures:
Step1. Pre-reading
Get a knowledge of O Henry before we really start to come to his works.(P87)
Step2. Fast –reading
Ask all of the students to read aloud the passage and finish the following questions .
True or False
1.The previous drama by Charles Dickens and the story by O Henry happened almost the same period.( )
2. In the hall below was a mailbox into which some letters would go .( )
3. Gold watch and Della’s hair were two possessions the couple took pride in .( )
4. Della sat in front of the mirror,lost in thought.( )
5. Della sold her hair at the price of twenty dollars.( )
6. James Dillingham Young was a rich young man.( )
7. Della lived in a neighorhood with many trees and flowers.( )
8. Jim and Della were a married couple.( )
9. Della thought having a haircut will make Jim happy.( )
10. Della deccided to have her hair cut out of love for Jim.( )
Questions(careful reading):
1. Why did Della cry after counting the money she had been saving?
2. Why did tears fall from her eyes while Della was standing in front of the mirror?
3. What finally did Della buy Jim a present for Christmas?
Fill in the blanks.
Della is the young of Jim .They have been for a few years ,and they love each other very much.They are poor .Every day Della at the market and in the shops to save money .Della’s life is very ,and they haven’t much fun.The only thing that gives her pride and happiness is her long,brown hair. To give her husband a wondeful present for ,she decides to sell her most precious possession,her long ,brown hair .
Tell the students to report the answers and then recite the short passage in class.
1. continue to recite the short passage.
2. preview the next lesson ---Underline some useful phrases beforehand.

Period 3 A Sacrifice For Love

Teaching Aims:
1. useful phrases and expressions in the passage
2. the usages of some phrases and expressions
3. retelling of this story
Step 1. Revision
Retelling of the story .
Step2. language points
1. attend to 照料,照应 Will you please the shop for a few minutes while I go to the bank?
钻心于,致力于 Let’s our work instead of talking.
仔细听 me ,children.I shall not repeat these instructions.
2. ….and she had only 1.87 dollars with which to buy Jim a present…
You have a number of topics to choose.
It was a bad season to have outings.
3. go far 维持的时间长Five hundred yuan a month does not go far .Often he cannot make ends meet. worthy of /be worth doing be worthy of +n.
be worthy of being done
be worthy to be done
The novel is .
The suggestion .
5. pull down He over his eyes so that nobody should 8recognize him .
The old house was to make room for a new one .
pull up 拔起,竖起,使停下
6. do up 梳理头发 Her hair was in a very funny way .
捆扎 The presents were all in red paper .
扣好衣服 You’ve the wrong way.
7. hesitate犹豫,踌躇 He what to do next.
He the choice between the two dresses.
He take such a big risk.
8. turn sth inside out 找遍
9. look at herself in the mirror对着镜子看
10. take a second look at sb再看一眼
1. Three times she counted.
2. Many happy hours had she spent ,planning for something nice for him .(倒装)
Much would she say when her husband set off .
A horrible mess you have made of it.
Step3 Reading aloud Read aloud these phrases.

Period 4. Integrating Skills

Teaching aims :
1. get the general idea of the story to be continued
2. useful phrases and expressions
Step 1. Revision
Have a brief revision of all tenses .
Step 2. Reading
Tell the students to answer the following questions.
Post-reading :
1. How did Della expect Jim to react when he saw her?
2. please describe Jim’s feelings the moment he saw Della .
3. Why did Della burst into tears when she opened the package?
Jim also loves Della very much and wants to surprise her with a beautiful gift.He knows that she would be happy if he would buy the beautiful tortoise shell combs which she longs for . But Jim doesn’t have any money ,either .So ,in order to buy Della the present,he decides to sell his most precious possession,his gold watch .Both Jim and Della love each other so much that they sacrifice the possession they love most to buy a present for each other . The story ends,of course,with a great disappointment for both of them. Della has bought a watch chain for Jim’s watch ,but Jim has sold his watch to buy her a present .And Jim has bought Della the combs she wanted to put in her long hair ,but she no longer has that hair.
Tell the students to read aloud the summary and ask them to recite.
Language points:
1. burden burden sb with sth.使……负起重担
People in that country are burdened with heavy taxation.
I don’t want to be a burden to you .
3. be fixed on sb/sth=fix one’s eyes on /upon sb
Thousands of eyes were fixed on him.
4. read =understand
read an expression/a thought/instructions/a riddle
If you can read this riddle ,I will give you a present.
5. not…nor ….
I will not do it , consider it .
The job cannot be done by you ,nor by me,nor by anyone else.
6. be prepared for
7. live through活下The doctor said he had little chance to live through the night
经历 She was among the few who managed to live through the enemy prison camp.
8. break out in tears and cries泪流满面地哭泣
9. with jewels on the edges镶着珠宝
10. hug sb to one’s breast 紧紧地抱在怀里 11. at length
12. The dull precious metal seemed to flash, as if reflecting her bright spirit.
Step3. Homework Ask the students to recite all the phrases.

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