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人教版高三教学案一体化Unit 1 That must be a record-人教版高三英语教案          【字体:

人教版高三教学案一体化Unit 1 That must be a record-人教版高三英语教案

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Period 1 Words and expressions
Goals: 1. Pronounce the words correctly and fluently.
2. Grasp the usages of some words and expressions.
Step 1 Usages of some words:
1.beard (下巴上的)胡须,络腮胡子 beardless bearded
e.g. Who’s the man with the beard?
He has ( grown ) a beard.
2.edition 版本,版次 edit editor
3. conclude (include)
1) 使某事结束 conclude …… by / with 以 …… 结束
The meeting concluded at 8 o’clock.
The story concludes with the hero’s death.
a few _______( concluding/concluded) remarks the ___________ speech
2) conclude sth. from sth. 经推理相信某事物
There are the facts,what do you conclude from them?
2) 达成,决定,缔结(条约等)
Britain concluded a trade agreement with China.
n. conclusion
1) 结束,结尾 at the conclusion of his speech
2) 结论 I came to the conclusion ________ he’d been lying.
A. that B. which C. what D. how
draw/ come to / reach /arrive at a conclusion 得出结论,告一段落
to conclude (作插入语) 最后(一句话)
in conclusion 最后,总之

4. send (sth.) in 寄送某处进行处理 send sth. by post
Have you __________ your application for the job?
A. send B. send up C. send off D. send in
send ( sb. ) in 指示某人去某地处理某局面
改错:Soldiers sent in to put down the rebellions (叛乱).
send 用法小结 :
The explosion sent them running in all directions.
The difficult word sent me to my dictionary.
The news sent the stock Exchange into a panic.使某人进入某种状态
send the children to bed 把孩子们打发上床
send sth out 1)发出 The sun sends out light and heat.
2)发送 He sent out the invitation to the party.
3) 生出或长出某物The trees send out new leaves in spring.
send for sth. /send for sb.(to do sth.) 派人请
(send for a taxi, an ambulance, a doctor) (send for repair the TV)
send up /send off
5.set down
1) 将某事物记在纸上,写下来 = write down /put down
2) (车辆或司机)停下来让乘客下车
The bus stopped to set down an old lady.
set 短语小结:
set about sth. / doing sth.着手做某事
set out to do sth. 着手做某事
set off 1) 出发,开始They’re setting off on a journey round the word.
2)爆炸 set off the fireworks
set aside 1)放下 2)节省 3)不管不顾,置于一旁
I try to set aside a few minutes each day to do some exercises.
set up
6.fade 1)褪色,凋落,衰弱
Will (the colour in) this material fade?
She is fading fast. 她身体很快就衰弱了。
The sound of cheering faded (away) in the distance.
All memory of her childhood had faded from her mind.
His hopes faded.
fade in/out (电影广播)画面清晰度逐渐增强(减弱)
音量清晰度逐渐增大(减小) a row 一个接一个地,连续不断地
e.g. This is the third Sunday in a row that it’s rained.
row V. 划(船)They rowed ( the boat) across the river.
n. 排 a row of books 一排书 standing in a row/ in rows 站成行
8. in the first /second place (用以列举理由)首先/其次= firstly/ secondly
in place out of place
in place of sb./ in one’s place take place
take one’s place/ take the place of sb.
1) 帐,帐目 =bill, check
2)记述,叙述 =description, statement
on account of = because of = owing to = due to =thanks to由于,因为
account for = clear up 解释,说明
10. attempt vt.尝试,努力 n.试图,企图
v. She will attempt to beat the world record.
He was charged with attempted robbery.
n. attempt ( to do sth. / at doing sth. )
They made no attempt to escape / at escaping.
They failed in all their attemps to climb the mountain.
11. suitable 适当的,恰当的
be suitable for / to
a place suitable for a picnic 适合野餐的地方
Would now be a suitable moment to tell him the news?
suited adj.(作表语) (for / to)
12.apply for 申请,请求
apply for a job / post / passport
apply to sb. / sth. 有关,有效 (适用,应用)
These rules don’t always apply.这些规则并非总能行得通。
applied 应用的,实用的 applied mathematics
application n.申请,请求 an application form
13. confirm证实,确认
1) 证实,确定 +sth. / that—clause / wh—clause
confirm a theory 证实一种理论
The rumours of an attack were later confirmed.
2) 坚定,加强 confirm one’s belief坚定信念
3) 批准,确认 confirm a contract 签合同,批准合同
confirmed adj. 习惯的,根深蒂固的 a confirmed gambler赌博成癖的人
confirmation n. 证实,证明,批准
14. blank n. 空白,空隙 fill in the blanks on the question paper
If you can’t answer the question, leave a blank.
a blank page 空白的一页 a blank wall 一堵光秃秃的墙(无窗,无画等) a blank expression / face 茫然的表情 (没表情的,不理解的没兴趣的)
He looked blank. 他显得茫然不知所措 go blank 变成一片空白
15. enthusiastic 热情的,热心的 ( interested, warm, energetic)
be enthusiastic about /over /in 对某事热心
n. enthusiasm in enthusiasm 怀有热情
with enthusiasm 热情地
the enthusiasm 对……热情,热衷于
16.fascinate 迷住 charm /attract / absorb
fascinating令人向往的/fascinated 着迷的/ fascination 着迷
be fascinated by /with
17. burst ( 使某物)爆炸,胀破,爆破
Water—pipes often burst in cold weather. 水管在寒冷的天气里经常冻裂。
1) be bursting to do sth. 极欲干某事
I was bursting to tell you the news.
2) burst ( sth. ) open (使某物)突然或猛然打开
The police burst the door open.
3) burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生出某事物
burst into flames / tears / song
4) burst out 突然开始干某事
burst out crying / laughing / singing
18.skiful 有技巧的,熟练的 = skilled / experienced / seasoned
19. familiar 熟悉的,常见的
be familiar with 对某事物熟悉,知晓
be familiar to 为某人所熟知的,经常见到或听到的
These are facts __________ which every schoolboy is familiar. (to / with )
These are facts that are familiar _________ every schoolboy. ( to / with )
20. centre ( sth. ) on / upon sb. / sth.将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点
Her research is centred on the social effects of unemployment.
21. concentrate vi.集中,全神贯注
concentrate on专心致至于,全神贯注于
= fix one’s mind upon / focus on / put one’s heart into
I can’t concentrate ( on my studies ) with all that noise going on.
We must concentrate our efforts on improving education.
This firm concentrates on the European market.
adj. concentrated 极度的,紧张的,强烈的
concentrated study 紧张的学习/ hate 强烈的仇恨 / effort 专心致志的努力
concentrated food 浓缩食品
22. delight vt. 给某人乐趣,使愉快
n. 高兴,愉快
n. give delight to sb.
to one’s delight
Her singing is a delight.
take delight in sth. /doing sth. 以做某事为乐
adj. delightful 令人愉快的
delighted 非常高兴的,显得愉快的
No news could be more__________ to me. (delighted / delightful )
I’m _________ at your success / to hear of your success / that you succeed.
23. skim / scan

1. Read and translate the following words.
beard / moustache brewery athletic account inspect certificate enthusiastic committee
fascinate administration capture concentrate
helmet energetic cautious register

2. Translate the following phrase.
1)处进行处理 6) in the first place
2)写下,记下 7) centre on /upon
3)一个一个的,连续不断的 8) concentrate on
4)申请,请求 9) take dilight in
5)突然大哭 10 ) be suitable

3. Change the form of the following words.
1. edit (n.) __________ 2. conclude(n ) ________ 3. length (v.) __________
4. suit (adj.) _________ 5. inspect (n.) _________6. gradual (adv.) _________
7.fascinate (n.)_________ 8. globe (adj.) __________ 9.skill(adj.)__________
10.permit (n.)_________ 11.true (adv.) __________12. energy (adj.)__________

4. Finish word and study on P5-6

Period 2 Reading The Guinness Book of World Record

Goals:1. Read the text correctly and fluently.
2. Learn some phrases and sentences.
3. Improve the reading skill.
Step I Review some new words and expressions.

Step II. Pre-reading. Scan the text and answer the following questions.
1. Who was Sir Hugh Beaver?
2.When was the first edition of the Guinness Book of World Records published?
3.How long was the longest moustache in the world?
4.What Guinness records were set in Urumqi and Hong Kong?
5.Who won the Tour de France in 2003?
6.How did Sir Hugh Beaver come up with the idea for the Guinness Book of World Records?
7.What are the categories in the Guinness Book of World Records?
8.Why are Lance Armstrong’s records special?
9.What types of record attempts are not allowed?
10.Why do you think many people are interested in world records?

Step III. Match each of the sentences below with a paragraph in the reading.
A. The Guinness Book of World Records is popular became people enjoy reading about strange facts and exciting achievements.
B. The editors of the book collect all the records and put them into different groups.
C. Sir Hugh Beaver decided to write the book as the result of an argument with a friend.
D. Even though the records themselves are amazing, the stories of the people who set the records are often even more interesting.
E. A new Guinness world record will only be accepted if it is safe and has been done according to the rules.
F. “ I just love reading about people who do amazing things, such as swimming a long river or running across a country. The stories inspire me and are fun to read.”

Step IV. Fill in the blank to show how to get a record into The Guinness Book of World Records?
__________________________________ →_________________________________
_________________________________ →__________________________________
_________________________________ → ___________________________________
Homework: Read the text fluently .

Period 3 Careful Reading The Guinness Book of World Record

Goals:1. Read the text correctly and fluently.
2. Learn some phrases and sentences.
3. Improve the reading skill.

Demands : Master the following phrases and sentence pattern.
Para.1 1) the then director 2) settle an argument about
3) hire two Englishmen to write…...
hire: employ e.g. Mrs Black hired a maid to help her with the housework.
4)…..and has been a best seller ever since.

Para.2 1) send in new records to the book
2) ……,but they cannot all be printed. (部分否定)
3) set down the records and keep track of them
e.g. The old man reads the newspapers to keep track of current events.
4) put …… into different categories
5) a woman who lived to be 122 years and 164 days
6) reach a length of 1.6 meters
7) balance a car weighing …… on his head

Para.3 1)with an area of ……
2)set / break ( beat / cut)) / keep (hold ) a record
3) celebrate Hong Kong’s return to

Para.4 1) stand out
e.g. Does your work stand out from that of others ?
2) Impressive as the record is, it fades next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against disease.
= Though / Although the record is …….
adj./ adv. / n. + as +Sub. +V + main clause
e.g. Much as I liked it, I didn’t buy it.
Young / Child as he is, he knows a lot.
Try as you might, you’ll never success.
3) be diagnosed with cancer
4) achieve one’s goal
5) in a row
Para.5 1) in the first place
     2) Whether we are out to set a new record ourselves…..
be out to do sth.(力求或希望做) / be out for sth. (企求获得某事物)
A good many China’s businesses are out to capture the oversea market.
3) make for = contribute to
Cultural exchanges make for mutual understanding.
The large print makes for easier reading.

Para.6 1) apply for the record
2) go well

1.________, I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed staying in your beautiful country.
A. To conclude B. To include C. In the conclusion D. As conclusion
2. I want you to ________ every cent you spent.
A. count on B. account for C. make for D. go for
3. Mr Jones has _________ himself to be one of the foremost doctors treating cancer patients.
A. checked B. proved C. made D. confirmed
4. Your father likes to play golf; he’s really enthusiastic _________ it.
A. by B. about C. with D. on
5. The girl was so _________ by the mighty river that she would spend hours sitting on its bank
and gazing at the boats and rafts going and coming.
A. absorbed B. fascinated C. moved D. touched
6.Anne couldn’t concentrate _________ what she was doing while her family were watching TV.
A. to B. on C. for D. in
7.Carl patched his old ball but it soon leaked again. He should have bought a new one ________.
A. in the place B. in place C. in first place D. in the first place
8. The flood made ________ much damage in that area.
A. of B. out C. for D. /

Periond 4 Grammar Review the Subject
1. Review the grammatical point ------- the Subject.
2.Finish the exercises on P6-7.
Procedures :
Step I. Revision. Translate the following sentences into English.
1. 请记下我的电话号码与我电话联系。(set down )

2. 与所有的老校友保持联系不是件容易的事。( keep track of )

3. 他在人群中很显眼。( stand out )

4. 早起有助于健康。( make for )

5. 虽然我失败了,但是我不会放弃我的目标。( as )

Step II. Presentation. Make a list of what can be used as the Subject.


Step III.Exercises. Finish the exercise on P6-7, paying attention to the Subject.

Step IV. Consolidation.
1. Put the Chinese into English to complete the sentences.
1)__________________________________(这条商业街是否需要重建) is still under discussion.
2)________________________(付医疗保健费) costs a lot of money, especially at this clinic.
3)_________________ (3加17) do not make nineteen; they make twenty.
4)_____________________________(住在纽约的人) admit that the weather there is unpleasant.
5)______________________________ (见到一位美国土著首领) was a great houor.

Homework: Review the Subject

Period 5 Integrating skills Reading Are You Experienced?

Goals: 1. Learn some useful words and expressions.
2.Improve the reading ability.
3.Read the text fluently.
Procedures: Step I.Revision.
Translate the following sentences, underlined the Subject of each sentende and tell what can be used as Subject.
1. The young are usually very active.
2. What should be done next has not been decided.
3. Nobody knows who is going to win the first place.
4. His not passing the exam made his parents sad.
5. To protece the wildlife is very important.
Step II.Reading
A.Read the passage about skateboarding and answer the following questions.
1.”360”and “hang ten” are two skateboarding terms. Can you guess what they mean?
2.How are “extreme sports” different from traditional sports?
3.What is the “X-factor”?
4.What kind of safety equipment do skateboarders use?
5.Why do you think some people like extreme sports?
B.Read again and master some useful expressions.
a dozen of head down to the park to hang ten hold a grand opening
as well as be less familiar to defeat the other team have fun
overcome the fears centre on concentrate on
C.Read and recite some sentences.
1. It is Saturday afternoon and a group of teenagers are trying new tricks on the park’s skating ramp.
2. The ramp soon became popular and the teenagers have started a skateboarding club called Fun On Wheels.
3. A new generation of sports is capturing the hearts and minds of people who are willing to try something new.
4. Extreme sports are different from regular sports.
5. I get excited and my heart beats faster.
6. Everyone smiles after a good ride and there is a strong feeling of friendship among the riders.
Step III. Homework Read the passage fluently.

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