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英汉对照法律资源--中华人民共和国劳动法          【字体:


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emuneration in accordance with the working hour system stipulated in Article 36 of this Law.

第三十八条 用人单位应当保证劳动者每周至少休息一日。

Article 38 The employing unit shall guarantee that its staff and workers have at least one day off in a week.

第三十九条 企业因生产特点不能实行本法第三十六条、第三十八条规定的,经劳动行政部门批准,可以实行其他工作和休息办法。

Article 39 Where an enterprise can not follow the stipulations in Article 36 and Article 38 of this Law due to its special production nature, it may adopt other rules on working hours and rest with the approval of the labour administrative department.

第四十条 用人单位在下列节日期间应当依法安排劳动者休假:(一)元旦;

Article 40 The employing unit shall arrange holidays for labourers in accordance with the law during the following festivals:       the New Years Day;


      the Spring Festival;


      the International Labour Day;


      the National Day;


and other holidays stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

第四十一条 用人单位由于生产经营需要,经与工会和劳动者协商后可以延长工作时间,一般每日不得超过一小时;因特殊原因需要延长工作时间的,在保障劳动者身体健康的条件下延长工作时间每日不得超过三小时,但是每月不得超过三十六小时。

Article 41 The employing unit may extend working hours due to the requirements of its production or business after consultation with the trade union and labourers, but the extended working hour for a day shall generally not exceed one hour; if such extension is called for due to special reasons, the extended hours shall not exceed three hours a day under the condition that the health of labourers is guaranteed. However, the total extension in a month shall not exceed thirty six hours.

第四十二条 有下列情形之一的,延长工作时间不受本法第四十一条规定的限制:

Article 42 The extension of working hours shall not be subject to restriction of the provisions of Article 41 of this Law under any of the following circumstances:     where emergent dealing is needed in the event of natural disaster, accident     or other reason that threatens the life, health and the safety of property     of labourers;


    where prompt rush repair is needed in the event of breakdown of production     equipment,


transportation lines or public facilities that affects production  and public interests;


 and other circumstances as stipulated by laws, administrative rules and regulations.

第四十三条 用人单位不得违反本法规定延长劳动者的工作时间。

Article 43 The employing unit shall not extend working hours of labourers in violation of the provisions of this Law.

第四十四条 有下列情形之一的,用人单位应当按照下列标准支付高于劳动者正常工作时间工资的工资报酬:

Article 44 The employing unit shall, according to the following standards, pay labourers remunerations higher than those for normal working hours under any of the following circumstances:    


       to pay no less than 150 percent of the normal wages if the extension of working hours is arranged;  


to pay no less than 200 percent of the normal wages if the extended hours are arranged on days of rest and no deferred rest can be taken;


 and to pay no less than 300 percent of the normal wages if the extended hours are arranged on statutory holidays.

第四十五条 国家实行带薪年休假制度。劳动者连续工作一年以上的,享受带薪年休假。具体办法由国务院规定。

Article 45 The State shall practise a system of annual vacation with pay. Labourers who have kept working for one year and more shall be entitled to annual vacation with pay. The concrete measures shall be formulated by the State Council.

第五章 工资

 Chapter V    Wages

第四十六条 工资分配应当遵循按劳分配原则,实行同工同酬。

Article 46 The distribution of wages shall follow the principle of distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work.


The level of wages shall be gradually raised on the basis of economic development. The State shall exercise macro-regulations and control over the total payroll.

第四十七条 用人单位根据本单位的生产经营特点和经济效益,依法自主确定本单位的工资分配方式和工资水平。

Article 47 The employing unit shall independently determine its form of wage distribution and wage level for its own unit according to law and based on the characteristics of its production and business and economic results.

第四十八条 国家实行最低工资保障制度。最低工资的具体标准由省、自治区、直辖市人民政府规定,报国务院备案。

Article 48 The State shall implement a system of guaranteed minimum wages. Specific standards on minimum wages shall be determined by the peoples governments of provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the Central Government and reported to the State Council for the record.


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