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英汉对照法律资源--中华人民共和国劳动法          【字体:


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Article 8 Labourers shall, through the assembly of staff and workers or their congress, or other forms in accordance with the provisions of laws, rules and regulations, take part in democratic management or consult with the employing units on an equal footing about protection of the legitimate rights and interests of labourers.

  第九条 国务院劳动行政部门主管全国劳动工作。

Article 9 The labour administrative department of the State Council shall be in charge of the management of labour of the whole country.  


The labour administrative departments of the local peoples governments at or above the county level shall be in charge of the management of labour in the administrative areas under their respective jurisdiction.  

  第二章 促进就业

Chapter II Promotion of Employment

  第十条 国家通过促进经济和社会发展,创造就业条件,扩大就业机会。

Article 10 The State shall create conditions for employment and increase opportunities for employment by means of the promotion of economic and social development.  


The State shall encourage enterprises, institutional organizations, and societies to initiate industries or expand businesses for the increase of employment within the scope of the stipulations of laws, and administrative rules and regulations.


The State shall support labourers to get jobs by organizing themselves on a voluntary basis or by engaging in individual businesses.  

  第十一条 地方各级人民政府应当采取措施,发展多种类型的职业介绍机构,提供就业服务。

Article 11 Local peoples governments at various levels shall take measures to develop various kinds of jobintroduction agencies and provide employment services.  

  第十二条 劳动者就业,不因民族、种族、性别、宗教信仰不同而受歧视。

Article 12 Labourers shall not be discriminated against in employment, regardless of their ethnic community, race, sex, or religious belief.  

  第十三条 妇女享有与男子平等的就业权利。

Article 13 Females shall enjoy equal rights as males in employment.在录用职工时,除国家规定的不适合妇女的工种或者岗位外,不得以性别为由拒绝录用妇女或者提高对妇女的录用标准。

It shall not be allowed, in the recruitment of staff and workers, to use sex as a pretext for excluding females form employment or to raise recruitment standards for the females, except for the types of work or posts that are not suitable for females as stipulated by the State.

  第十四条 残疾人、少数民族人员、退出现役的军人的就业,法律、法规有特别规定的,从其规定。

Article 14 Where there are special stipulations in laws, rules and regulations on the employment of the disabled, the personnel of national minorities, and demobilized armymen, such special stipulations shall apply.  

  第十五条 禁止用人单位招用未满十六周岁的未成年人。

Article 15 No employing units shall be allowed to recruit juveniles under the age of 16.


Units of literature and art, physical culture and sport, and special arts and crafts that need to recruit juveniles under the age of 16 must go through the formalities of examination and approval according to the relevant provisions of the State and guaratee their right to compulsory education.

  第三章 劳动合同和集体合同

Chapter III Labour Contracts and Collective Contracts

  第十六条 劳动合同是劳动者与用人单位确立劳动关系、明确双方权利和义务的协议。

Article 16 A labour contract is the agreement reached between a labourer and an employing unit for the establishment of the labour relationship and the definition of the rights, interests and obligations of each party.


 A labour contract shall be concluded where a labour relationship is to be established.

  第十七条 订立和变更劳动合同,应当遵循平等自愿、协商一致的原则,不得违反法律、行政法规的规定。

article 17 Conclusion and modification of a labour contract shall follow the principles of equality, voluntariness and unanimity through consultation, and shall not run counter to the stipulations of laws, administrative rules and regulations.


A labour contract once concluded in accordance with the law shall possess legal binding force. The parties involved must fulfill the obligations as stipulated in the labour contract.  

  第十八条 下列劳动合同无效:

Article 18 The following labour contracts shall be invalid:  


labour contracts concluded in violation of laws, administrative rules and regulations;


 and labour contracts concluded by resorting to such measures as cheating and intimidation.


       An invalid labour contract shall have no legal binding force from the very beginning of its conclusion.确认劳动合同部分无效的,如果不影响其余部分的效力,其余部分仍然有效。

Where a part of a labour contract is confirmed as invalid and where the validity of the remaining part is not affected, the remaining part shall remain valid.


The invalidity of a labour contract shall confirmed by a labour dispute arbitration committee or a peoples court.

  第十九条 劳动合同应当以书面形式订立,并具备以下条款:


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