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[组图]My best friend's wedding 《我最好朋友的婚礼》(精讲之六)       ★★★ 【字体:

My best friend's wedding 《我最好朋友的婚礼》(精讲之六)

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Julianne: Hello, George.

George: Hey, gorgeous. Having a good time?

Julianne: Not particularly, but I did what I came to do.

George: What? You split them up?

Julianne: No, I said good-bye.

George: Good girl. I'm proud of you. I'd be prouder still if you were dancing.

Julianne: Hmm, I have a big plan for dancing. Just give me 30, 35 years.

George: Mmm. The misery, the exquisite tragedy. The Susan Hayward of it all. I can just picture you there sitting alone at your table in your lavender gown.

Julianne: Did I tell you my gown was lavender?

George: Hair swept up. Haven't touched your cake. Probably drumming your fingernails on the white linen tablecloth. The way you do when you're really feeling down. Perhaps even looking at those nails, thinking. "God. I should've stopped in all my evil plotting to have that manicure." But it's too late now.

Julianne: George, I didn't tell you my dress was lavender.

George: Suddenly a familiar song. Then you're off you chair in one exquisite movement. Wondering, searching, sniffing the wind like a dapple deer. Has God heard your little prayer? Will Cinderella dance again? And then suddenly the crowds part. And there he is, sleek, stylish. R-r-radiant with charisma. Bizarrely, he's on the telephone. But then, so are you. And he comes towards you. The moves of the jungle cat. And although you quite correctly sense that he is... gay. Like most devastatingly handsome single men of his age are. You think. "What the hell... life goes on." Maybe there won't be marriage. Maybe there won't be sex. But, by God. There'll be dancing.

George: Bond. Jane Bond.


1. I did what I came to do.

这里它的意思和I did what I'm supposed to do. 一样。但是在不同的场合,两句话的解释可能就不一样了。因为I did what I came to do还有一层意思是"我做了我要做的事"。

2. Drumming your fingernails on the white linen tablecloth.


3. Wondering, searching, sniffing the wind like a dapple deer.


4. Will Cinderella dance again?

“灰姑娘还会再跳舞吗?”灰姑娘在这里指的是可爱又漂亮、但却遭遇困境的女孩。而 Will the Cinderella dance again? 意思就是“这个伤心的姑娘还会开心起来吗?”

5. Sleek, stylish, radiant with charisma.

很多时候,我们学到的听到的都是怎样去形容女性,比如:迷人(enchanting),光芒四射(dazzling),可爱(adorable)等等。这一次我们就来学学形容男士的词儿。He is sleek (朴实却不失优雅), stylish (有品味), radiant (光芒四射) with charisma (领袖气质/王者风范)。像这样的男人实在是太少见了。不知大家有没有看过周润发主演的"赌王"系列。每次开赌之时,发哥出场的形象和气质足可以用上面的这些词来形容了。


奥斯卡影后--Susan Hayward

Energetic red-haired leading lady Susan Hayward (born Edythe Marrener) specialized in portraying gutsy women who rebound from adversity. She began working as a photographer's model while still in high school, and when open auditions were held in 1937 for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, she arrived in Hollywood with scores of other actresses. Unlike most of the others, however, she managed to become a contract player. Her roles were initially discouragingly small, although she gradually worked her way up to stardom. For her role in Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (《毁灭》1947) -- the first in which she played a strong-willed, courageous woman -- Hayward received the first of her five Oscar nominations; the others were for performances in My Foolish Heart (《一厢情愿》1950), With a Song in My Heart (1952), I'll Cry Tomorrow (1956), and I Want to Live (《我要活下去》1958). 凭借在《我要活下去》中的精彩演出,Susan Hayward 获封奥斯卡影后。

Although the actress maintained her star status through the late '50s, the early '60s saw her in several unmemorable tearjerkers, and she retired from films in 1964, although later returned to the screen for a few more roles. Her ten-year marriage to actor Jess Barker ended in 1954 with a bitter child-custody battle, and she died in 1975 after a two-year struggle with a brain tumor, one of several cast and crew members from 1956's The Conqueror to be stricken with cancer later in life.


这部电影还有一个中文译名是《新娘不是我》,名字中透着淡淡的醋意和惆怅。 这部电影给人们带来了非常多的感动。Kimmy为了心爱的人放弃一切,Julianne为了自己爱的人的幸福退出纷争、并且帮他得到幸福。Michael的最后一声bye也让人怅然若失。导演在众多的感动之后安排了一个非常轻快而又喜人的结尾,Julianne没有按预想的夺回Michael,可是我们在她的脸上却找不到一丝不快,所有的也都是欣慰,也许这就是这部影片所要传达的吧。



My best friend's wedding 《我最好朋友的婚礼》(精讲之五)考考你 参考答案

When am I gonna walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dream.

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